Hebei Farmachemie, one of the leading manufacturer in China specializes in produce and export pharmaceutical veterinary products and agrochemical products. Our factory is loacated in the surburbs of Shijiazhuang city, focused on Emamectin Benzoate/Eprinomectin production. Based on our own manufacturing facities,which making us more proficient in Emamectin/Eprinomectin business.Our production capacity is about 2Tons Emamectin Benzoate,500kg Eprinomectin per month. With several years development, our products are so far exported to Latin American countries, Asian countries, Pacific countries and some of European countries, and are well received by customers in China and abroad.


Hebei Farmachemie comission consists in research, development, production and sales of high quality products to the Vetarinary products and agrichemical products, committed with high standard quality of products and perfect and timely services, creating new jobs, driving innovative initiatives and spreading abroad a positive image of China. 

Social responsibility
Our premises are to contribute to the human and social development and to be committed with its community, constant concern about environmental protection leads to a daily industrial residues control and waste incineration by a specialized company.    

Proficient make difference!

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